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The following is a translated News Article as it appeared in the internal newspaper of Aéroports de Montréal, written by a member of ADM staff.

Our roads & grounds team at ADM was chosen for the trials of a new vehicle, an amazing tractor with multiple possibilities. “Our partner Eagle Airfield Ltd. knows that we have significant expertise when it comes to airport snow removal, and this vehicle had never been tested in this winter environment” explains Sylvain Coron, Assistant Director Grounds & Mobile Equipment. “They ‘Eagle’ are looking at us to test this vehicle, share our observations and make vehicle demonstrations for other airports if necessary.” This tractor is a ‘Xerion’ model, built by CLAAS, a German Company, and can do almost everything, thanks to an integration by Eagle of multiple attachments: blow snow, sweep runways, cut grass, etc. The most surprising aspect of this tractor is the possibility to swivel the entire cab 180°, depending on whether the operator requires working in one direction or the other. “This is an exchange of service where everybody wins. We are enjoying some new equipment without any additional costs and our partner gains from our experience. It is also a nice way for our operators to show their abilities & knowledge”, explains Sylvain.

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