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May 2012

TranSafe Technology, a Canadian distributor of the Bowmonk Electronic Decelerometer, and Team Eagle Ltd, a leading provider of airfield snow and ice control equipment and solutions, have partnered to provide Canadian airport operators with an enhanced airport decelerometer.

The Bowmonk AFM2 electronic recording decelerometer has been on Transport Canada’s list of approved devices for many years. Airport operators can now rely on this device to integrate with Team Eagle’s WinterOps™ Pro, Runway Surface Condition Reporting software solution.

Over the past several months, TranSafe, Team Eagle Ltd. and Bowmonk have worked together to enhance the output of the data available from the Bowmonk AFM2 to allow this information to be electronically exported for use within Eagle’s GPS based WinterOps™ Pro.

“Working together to integrate the technology provides Canadian airport operators with more choice when it comes to electronic runway decelerometers” states Chris Kelly, with TranSafe Technology. “Seeing the data from the Bowmonk AFM2 integrated with GPS and graphically represented on the WinterOps™ Pro airfield map is very exciting, and represents a tremendous improvement in terms of providing situational awareness to Canadian Airport operators, their airfield management SnowDesks and enhancing safety in general”.

Team Eagle Ltd. will be marketing the Bowmonk AFM2 to its Canadian Airport customers. “We have had a lot of demand to integrate and offer a Transport Canada approved decelerometer here in Canada” says Ted Pilcher, Sales Manager for Team Eagle. “Working with TranSafe and Bowmonk has been an excellent partnership and we are very pleased that we can now provide the turnkey equipment and software solution for enhanced runway surface condition reporting that our airport partners have been requesting.

Transport Canada approved Electronic Decelerometers are eligible for government funding under the ACAP (Airport Capital Assistance Program). Recently, Transport Canada also made software for creating runway surface condition reports eligible in this program as well.

For more information on TranSafe Technology and the Bowmonk AFM2 Electronic Recording Deceleromer, please contract Chris Kelly at [email protected] or 416-234-5800,


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