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June 2016 – Team Eagle Ltd., with headquarters in Campbellford, Ontario, Pacific, Washington, and Tilton, New Hampshire, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Trilo Vacuum Sweepers, based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Trilo’s exceptional line of towed vacuum sweepers can both collect, or mow and collect the grass clippings in one pass, cutting down on time and equipment required to manage grass related FOD and Bird and Wildlife concerns. The unique engineering integrated within the Trilo design eliminates the problem of grass clippings blowing across the runway and also discourages insect habitat, which is an attractant to birds and wildlife.

“Many of our customers have expressed their concern over leaving grass clippings and Winter Ops debris near the runway,” says Ben McKeown, Territory Manager from Team Eagle, “especially with the new larger aircraft having their engines hanging further out over the infield areas. The Trilo ‘Collect’, or ‘Cut & Collect’ vacuum sweeper systems offer a simple and effective solution to these challenges.”

“We are very pleased to be working with Team Eagle in North America,” states Peter Van Mispelaar, Trilo’s Commercial Director. “Team Eagle represents the very best in airfield products, services and staff across this important market, and we believe that our combined efforts will make an important difference for aviation safety.”

The partnership between Trilo and Team Eagle will also focus on using Team Eagle’s proven GPS/GIS technology to help track, manage and analyze FOD and Bird and Wildlife practices towards helping an airport achieve their goals in these areas. “We saw an obvious fit between Trilo’s equipment capability to help reduce FOD and Bird and Wildlife issues, and our AIROps™ Airfield Inspection and Reporting System capabilities,” states McKeown. “Trilo is a progressive company, and the integration will provide enhanced situational awareness for our airport customers regarding infield and grass related FOD and Bird and Wildlife management.”

Trilo provides solutions for daily, time-consuming jobs, such as grass cutting, grass collecting and removing clippings and debris from the airfield. Various load capacities are available to suit the needs of any airport. To learn more, please visit

As a world leading provider of equipment and software for airfield management and maintenance, Team Eagle offers solutions to aviation’s biggest challenges, including Excursions, Incursions, FOD, Bird and Wildlife Management, Snow and Ice Control, Safe Surfaces, and Situational Awareness. Team Eagle is celebrating 40 years in business with products distributed in more than 100 countries.

To speak with someone about setting up a Trilo demo, please call 1-866-241-3254 or email [email protected], or visit

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