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July 2016 – Team Eagle Ltd., with headquarters in Campbellford, Ontario, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Telflex Technologie Inc. based in Lévis, QC. Telflex Technologie provides mobile communications solutions for emergency services, including their flagship product Base Camp Connect.

The Base Camp Connect mobile communication system is the only transportable, ruggedized, user-deployable communication system available that makes true interoperability possible between voice, data and radio equipment, all in a 5-minute setup with no ongoing technical support requirement. This innovative technology gives the user an internet connection, an entire telephone system and radio interoperability between up to ten networks, ensuring access to communication anytime and anywhere.

“The first 24 hours of emergency response are the most important,” said Francis Raveneau, VP of Sales for Base Camp Connect. “Reliable communication between all involved parties is integral to the success of any response mission. With a single in-bound number and true interoperability, including satellite if required, all ready to go in just minutes, the pressure to establish dependable, known communication protocols is eliminated.”

“This product meets a critial need fo our customers in the airfield emergency service industry,” says Steve McKeown, Team Eagle’s CEO. “Combined with Team Eagle’s existing airfield situational awareness software and related technologies, including the EagleEye™ Driver’s Enhanced Vision System (DEVS), we can more comprehensively meet the needs of airports’ emergency response teams by providing them with reliable and accessible communications no matter what kind of situation they find themselves in.”

Base Camp Connect was developed as a response to the needs of the military but the value of the technology for a broader market was quickly recognized. The unit is customizable depending on the needs and requirements of the user and their emergency management partners. To learn more, visit

“We see the partnership with Team Eagle providing an excellent opportunity for Base Camp Connect to support and enhance mission critial ARFF and emergency response events at airports worldwide,” states Raveneau. “We are very excited to be working together.”

As a world leading provider of equipment and software for airfield management and maintenance, Team Eagle offers solutions to aviation’s biggest challenges including Excursions, Incursions, FOD, Bird and Wildlife Management, Snow and Ice Control, Safe Surfaces and Situational Awareness. Team Eagle is celebrating 40 years in business with products distributed in more than 100 countries.

To speak with someone about setting up a Base Camp Connect demo, call 1.866.241.3254 or email [email protected].

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