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January 2012

Team Eagle Ltd. partners with NAV CANADA and Canadian airports to help provide better reporting of winter airport conditions/NOTAMJs

Team Eagle Ltd. through its airport software division, Eagle Integrated Solutions, is pleased to be working with NAV CANADA and Canadian airports to successfully develop and test a better way to relay airfield runway condition data to industry stakeholders.

The digital NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) project has been in the works for some time and over the past year and a half, has been defined to allow Eagle to work with NAV CANADA to produce an electronic, wireless report that can be sent from the airfield once the condition report has been completed.

Eagle has extensive experience in creating GPS/GIS based airfield reports and used this experience to adapt its “WinterOps™” platform to meet NAV CANADA requirements.

“The NAV CANADA documentation was very good and it allowed our software engineering team to efficiently build the required application. Once this was done, we completed several tests on the NAV CANADA test bed to ensure we have this working correctly” states Bruce Wilkins, Eagle’s project lead for this effort. “With some additional refinements, we were able to successfully launch the first digital NOTAMJ in Canadian history on November 8 at Oshawa Municipal Airport and are now in the process of working with our partners at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport to run a fully integrated application as part of pilot project testing, which will take place between February and April 2012.

“This is an important move forward for airport safety as the digital NOTAMJ means more timely information sharing with NAV CANADA, airports and airlines. Better decisions can be made as to how best route aircraft and utilize airspace,” said Olivier Meier, the Project Manager from NAV CANADA. “We are pleased to be working with various airports and vendors on this important project. This winter season the new system will operate in parallel to the existing process in actual airfield environments. This will help us make refinements and be ready to roll out this electronic process to all airports in Canada for the winter season 2012 – 2013”.

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