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Hold Short!

Cindy Porter

Team Eagle’s Enhanced ATIMS™ Solution is Now Available. Team Eagle Ltd. is pleased to be supporting safer airfield operations with the recent update of its ATIMS™ (Asset Tracking and Incursion Management System) solution to meet and exceed the latest standards for airport ground vehicle situational awareness. ATIMS™ is a GPS based tool that uses a…

Advisory Board

Team Eagle Advisory Board

Cindy Porter

Team Eagle Advisory Board expands to support growth and opportunity January 2012 To support its strategic initiatives, Team Eagle initiated the creation of an Advisory Board in 2010 to support the Executive Management Team. “We felt it would be very helpful to have access to key industry knowledge as we continue to evolve,” remarks Trevor…

Runway Condition Reporting

Cindy Porter

Runway Condition Reporting facing changes in both word and deed. Centerlines – December, 2011 Issue   Please follow the link below to view the full December issue of this magazine December Issue

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