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R'Over Front View

The R’Over™ is a rollover warning system built in response to meet the requirements of the industrial vehicle operator. Based on the successful features of its predecessor, the LG Alert™, the R’Over™ provides enhanced situational awareness to vehicle operators regarding The lateral acceleration forces exhibited on their vehicle, and provides for additional awareness through features like a dual load mode, plus adjustable sensitivity on either side of the vehicle.

The R’Over™ is suitable for use on any non-articulated vehicle and is particularly beneficial where the vehicle is subjected to high cornering speeds, uneven terrain, dynamic loads or by design has a high centre of gravity. The MADASS™ device is an add-on unit that may be used for data acquisition, vehicle monitoring and incident re-creation purposes

  • Visual and audible cues for operator awareness
  • Easily installed in less than an hour
  • Touch screen setting and calibration
  • Store and download system data via computer software
  • Proven history of helping aid driver awareness
R'Over Viewer Showing Data in a Graph
R'Over Front View right side vertical display

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Technical Specifications

Operating Temp (°C) -20°C to +60°C
Operating Temp (°F) -4°F to +140°F
Ingress Protection IP55 (IEC 60529)
Supply Voltage 9-30VDC
Voltage Protection ±40V Spike
Supply Power 30W Max
Fuse Internal resettable
Response Filtering (Display) 0.1 – 1.0 Hz
Response Filtering (Signal) 10 Hz

Sensitivity Settings (Full Scale)

Lateral Acceleration 0.10g to 1.00g
Static Tilt Angle 10° to 90°
Alarm Levels Visual Audible
Level 1 to 6 Green, Steady None
Level 7 Yellow, Steady None
Level 8 Yellow, Steady 70dB (Display) @ 50cm
Level 9 Red, Steady 70dB (Display) @ 50cm
Level 10 Red, Flashing 100dB @ 50cm

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