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Optical-Based Runway Surface Condition Assessment System

RCAM – Using specialized camera sensors and AIROps™ smart software applications, Team Eagle offers an objective runway surface inspection system for significantly enhancing safety and efficiency during winter operations.

Supporting regulatory compliance and auditable reporting for TALPA requirements, our vision-based Runway Camera System is simply mounted to the roof of an airfield vehicle for precision accurate, real-time contaminant (water, slush, snow and ice, etc.) detection and coverage measurement.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform leverages deep machine learning capabilities to train the system to incorporate greater amounts of image data acquired by the sensors, getting smarter with each application.

RCamPro Sensors

The introduction of the RCamPro system is a high-resolution spectrum camera that detects and reports on the percentage of contamination on runways.

An additional SWIR camera sensor adds the capability to determine the contaminant type and measure the depth.

RCamPro GEN 1.0

Runway Contaminant Coverage Measurement

Visual Daylight Sensor: 2048 x 1080 resolution, 30Hz Frame Rate

RCamPro GEN 2.0

Runway Contaminant Coverage & Type Assessment

Added SWIR Sensor:

InGaAs Sensor: 512 x 480 resolution, 30Hz Frame Rate

Processing Unit:

Windows-based platform using machine learning for image analysis

RCamPro GEN 3.0

Obscuration Sensor

Proprietary laser-gated imagery designed for use in obscured vision scenarios

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