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Apps Overview

General Airfield Inspection




  • Complete your daily airfield inspection easily and electronically, and share instantly
  • Issue work orders, reports and graphical NOTAMS ’on the fly’
  • Track maintenance the maintenance life-cycle of each discrepancy
  • Integrated GIS Mapping and Image Management functionality
  • Customized to meet FAA Part 139, Transport Canada TS 312, EASA xyz requirements
Airfield Checklist Builder

Inspection &

Checklist Builder

  • Build your own inspections and checklists
  • Report and track discrepancies
Airfield Bird & Wildlife Inspection

Bird &


  • Collect, analyze and report Bird and Wildlife observations
  • Simple User Interface with reporting structure customized to local area
  • Direct integration to FAA reporting
Airfield Chemical Operations Pro



  • A data collection app for collection, storage, analysis and reporting of airfield chemical applications
  • See trends over time, monitor usage and control costs
  • May be integrated with precision chemical delivery systems
Airfield Electrical Operations Pro



  • Electrical fixture inspection and reporting
  • Tracking maintenance life-cycle of each discrepancy
  • GIS based data layers for asset-based discrepancy reporting
Airfield Winter Operations Pro

WinterOps Pro

  • Collect, store, analyze and report runway condition measurements (friction, braking availability, and temperature)
  • GIS based data acquisition enables precision condition reporting and analysis
  • Can be integrated with ChemicalOps Pro to enable auditable contamination mitigation
Airfield Daily Log

Daily Log

  • Dashboard reporting and custom inspections
Airfield SMS


  • Increase situational awareness and help prevent incursions
  • Training for new staff on procedures and policies
  • Link observations to maintenance processes
  • Customized options to support specific SMS objectives
Airfield Runway Surface Condition RSC


  • Collect, store, analyze and report runway conditions and measurements (friction, braking availability and temperature)
Airfield EMAS Inspection


  • Enables full inspection and maintenance of the EMAS safety system
  • Mobile inspection and reporting

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