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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Airfield Inspection Processes

Team Eagle

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has the AIROps™ system from Eagle Integrated Solutions Incorporated. The AIROps™ system replaces the challenges of paper-based airfield inspections by utilizing a handheld computer to record, store, share and analyze collected data. Standard inspections such as FAR Part 139, Bird and Wildlife monitor & control, and Emergency Response are all available…

USAF receives two more Epoke Sirius Units

Team Eagle

This month, two more Epoke Sirius Bulk Chemical Spreaders have been delivered and installed at USAF bases in Oklahoma and Nebraska. Vance AFB in Oklahoma received an Epoke SW3501-2T 5m3. This is a slide-in twin spinner unit and the product of choice by USAF bases worldwide. Offutt AFB in Nebraska received an Epoke SW3501 3m,…

El Paso International Airport announces success with ElectricalOps™ Pro

Team Eagle

“THE EL PASO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT FIRST IN THE NATION TO UTILIZE GPS (GLOBAL POSITION SYSTEM) SATELLITE BASED AIRFIELD INSPECTION PROGRAM” El Paso, Texas-March 2, 2006- El Paso International Airport is first in the nation to utilize GPS (Global Position System) based Airfield Inspection Program. El Paso International Airport as an FAA Certified Airport is required…

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport improves the capability of its ARFF team by adding the low-visibility navigation equipment to new vehicles

Team Eagle

The ARFF team at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has embraced technology to support enhanced emergency response for the airport and surrounding area. By adding the EagleEye™ Drivers Enhanced Vision System to its recently purchased Rosenbauer ARFF and Ferrara First Response vehicles, emergency responders have an increased advantage in navigation during poor weather conditions. The EagleEye™…

Region of Waterloo International Airport receives new Oshkosh H-Series Blower

Team Eagle

Team Eagle Ltd. sales and support team were on hand today at Region of Waterloo International Airport to help set up and provide orientation to airport staff on their brand new Oshkosh H-Series snowblower. The Oshkosh H-Series is one of the world’s most durable and reliable industrial sized snowblower. This blower is the snow removal…

ATIMS™ now assisting Calgary International Airport with airfield traffic

Team Eagle

Late in 2005, Eagle Integrated Solutions successfully completed an installation of its first ATIMS™ system at Calgary International Airport. ATIMS™ is an Asset Tracking and Incursion Management System, and is yet another addition to Eagle’s SmartAirport™ suite of software solutions. The system installed at Calgary is currently configured in 10 vehicles and communicates across the…

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