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Introducing a piece of equipment that is designed from the airport operator’s perspective:

The machine is revolutionary
The machine is intuitively engineered
The machine is versatile and therefore cost effective

Introducing, EagleEdge LITE™

Eagle Airfield Ltd. is pleased to introduce a new concept in keeping airport runway lights and signs clean and visible during winter operations. EagleEdge LITE™ is a compact tracked vehicle equipped with rotating brushes that will clean runway lights in a matter of seconds without damaging lighting equipment and/or wiring.

Exceptional visibility allows one person to clean lights, blow snow and always maintain a LITE™ footprint on soft turf and snow. There are no residual windrows to have to clean up.

The official unveiling of the EagleEdge LITE™ will take place at the AOA Expo June 3-5 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Please contact Eagle Airfield Ltd. for any further information:

Eagle Airfield Ltd
10 Trent Drive
Campbellford, Ontario
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Phone: 1-866-241-3264
Fax: 705-653-4732
Email: [email protected]

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