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January 2012

Stability Dynamics, a division of Team Eagle Ltd, is pleased to announce the successful contract award of its proven LG Alert™ Rollover Warning System to the GSA (General Services Administration –, to support easier access to its product portfolio. The GSA provides access to millions of commercial products and services available from GSA-negotiated contracts, which now includes the LG Alert™Rollover Warning System.

The LG Alert™ is a patented Rollover Warning System designed to assist drivers in recognizing when they are approaching the safe operating limits of their vehicle.The LG Alert™ monitors ‘g’ forces exerted on the vehicle in all three axes (lateral, axial and vertical). Lateral ‘g’ forces, the forces exerted when vehicles corner or are operated on a side slope, are responsible for most large vehicle rollovers. These types of accidents are the most costly in terms of both loss of life and property damages. The display provides incremental visual and audible indications to the driver as lateral “g” forces on the vehicle increase, warning the driver of impending loss of control and providing time to react.

GSA information and purchasing details can be found at Please search “LG Alert”, “Team Eagle Ltd.” or the GSA assigned # GS-30F-0033X.

As required for certain vehicle applications, the 24-volt converter is also available for purchase on the GSA schedule.

For more information on the LG Alert™, or the GSA schedule, please see, and or contact Paul Cudmore, General Manager of Stability Dynamics at [email protected], or 705-653-0775.

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