Eagle Aerospace Innovation

Eagle Aerospace is the think-tank for the Team Eagle companies, engaging with our customers to understand their challenges, collaborate on possible solutions, design prototypes and test and develop our ideas towards real-world innovation.  


A collaborative work environment where people are encouraged to bring their ideas forward.  Team ‘scrums’ are becoming more and more imbedded into the culture as the demand for solution turnaround time increases.


Continue to build and develop dedicated space and resources toward increasing our collaborative capability, including our new adjacent 5-acre campus (now under construction) to support anticipated growth.


Aimed at asking questions and learning about aviation’s biggest challenges including incursion and excursion mitigation solutions. Team Eagle spends a great deal of time on the airfield, where we can see first hand the mission critical challenges that need solutions.

Current Projects

• Aircraft carbon brake corrosion mitigation

• Aircraft ice detection and take-off warning

• Improved aircraft anti-skid braking systems

• Leveraging ADS-B technology to increase situational awareness

• Improved snow and ice control equipment for runways, taxiways and apron areas

• Real-time Augmented Reality

Intellectual Property

Ideas, concepts, schematics and visions are being created everyday at Team Eagle and are captured by our integrated IP strategy.

Eagle Aerospace Innovation