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Team Eagle’s Enhanced ATIMS™ Solution is Now Available.

Team Eagle Ltd. is pleased to be supporting safer airfield operations with the recent update of its ATIMS™ (Asset Tracking and Incursion Management System) solution to meet and exceed the latest standards for airport ground vehicle situational awareness.

ATIMS™ is a GPS based tool that uses a high quality airfield moving map display. All of the required hardware is installed in the vehicle, without the need for special equipment on the airfield.  Using a touch-screen computer, the system provides airfield vehicle operators with their location, direction of travel and most importantly, an indication of impending safety issues. ATIMS™ warns the vehicle operator so that action may be taken before an incident occurs. Recently published FAA literature review that looked at various Runway Incursion Warning Systems (RIWS), confirmed that ATIMS™ met the optimal criteria and was the only system recommended in the FAA publication.

The FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5210-25 “Performance Specification for Airport Vehicle Runway Incursion Warning Systems,” released in September of 2012, is the basis for the ATIMS™ enhancements.  As the result of the FAA research and evaluation of various RIWS technologies, airports can look forward to more features and additional capabilities towards supporting safer airfield operations.

“As a pilot I understand the challenges of navigating the busy airfield environment.  As the result of years of collaboration with numerous airports in the United States and Canada, our ATIMS™ solution adopted many safety features and tools previously only found in the aircraft cockpits, making them pertinent in assisting the equipment and vehicle operators on the airfield and bringing this technology into the vehicle cabs,” says Alex Gertsen of Team Eagle.  “We are very excited to provide these capabilities to our customers.”

Some of the new features of the updated ATIMS™ solution include a two-stage warning process.  The system provides a proximity alarm to alert the vehicle operator when approaching critical points on the airfield.  These warnings are based on vehicle velocity.  The distance where the warning is triggered increases with speed, allowing the vehicle operator ample time to properly react even when the vehicle covers more ground.   The warnings can be customized to both voice and tone.  Zones are also customizable, providing the airport with capability to set alerts for locations of the Hold Line Markings, ILS Critical Areas, ‘Hot Spots’, and Runway Safety Areas with both standard and non-standard dimensions, and other areas as required.

“With hundreds of units now in vehicles at airports throughout North America, the industry response to our product update has been quite favorable,” states Paul Cudmore, Chief Operating Officer, of Team Eagle, “and we are doing more promotional and educational activities this spring, such as an industry webinar on Tuesday April 9, 2013 with Airport Improvement Magazine, to showcase airfield safety benefits of ATIMS™.” Register here!

For more information on Team Eagle and ATIMS™, please contact, Paul Cudmore, Chief Operating Officer, at 1-866-241-3264, email: [email protected] or

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