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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has the AIROps™ system from Eagle Integrated Solutions Incorporated. The AIROps™ system replaces the challenges of paper-based airfield inspections by utilizing a handheld computer to record, store, share and analyze collected data. Standard inspections such as FAR Part 139, Bird and Wildlife monitor & control, and Emergency Response are all available with the AIROps™ system.

“With more to do out on the airfield than ever before, we need good solutions to help us continue to be efficient while identifying items to address so that we remain safe for flight operations,” says Paul Meyer, Director of Operations for Hartsfield-Jackson. “We anticipate this technology will help us achieve these objectives.”

The “Paperless” Airfield Inspection and Reporting system will reduce the challenges of managing paperwork and allow data to be stored, retrieved and analyzed in ways not possible with the paper-based approach. Simple drop down menus and customized comment boxes provide for ease and consistency of report generation, while airport specific “rules” for logging in/out and completing an inspection provide management with the knowledge of what was noted for improvement, when it was identified and by whom. See screen image example here.

For more information on Atlanta’s Airfield Inspection strategy, please contact at (404) 530-6620.

For more information on Eagle Integrated Solutions, please visit their website at or call toll free (866) 241-3264.

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