Snogo is the leading brand of loader-mounted snow blowers in the United States and has developed a reputation for unbeatable performance and reliability. Snogo loader-mounted snowblowers come in four models with horsepower from 150 to 415, including the two-stage auger WK800, MP-3D and MP318, and the two-stage ribbon LR44. Snogo also offers two truck-mounted versions, the TU-3 (auger) and the TR44 (ribbon).

Snogo has been keeping streets, highways and airports open for nine decades. This legendary brand was first manufactured by Klauer Manufacturing Company of Dubuque, Iowa in 1923 and was later acquired by Wausau-Everest in 2000. A 1932 SNOGO snow blower located at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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