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LRAD – Humane Wildlife Preservation & Cost Effective Asset Protection

Featuring advanced range and directionality, LRAD systems are in use around the world preserving wildlife and controlling birds.  LRAD systems are easily programmed to broadcast a wide variety of tones and predator calls to ensure against habituation and safely deter wildlife up to 5,000 meters away.

LRAD’s proprietary audio technology focuses sound in 30º beam while substantially reducing sound levels behind the systems and in surrounding areas.

Airport Application

Manually operated or integrated with remote command and control centres, LRAD is a humane bioacoustics deterrent that has proven highly effective in preventing aircraft bird strikes near runways at airport and military air bases around the world.  When integrated with millimetre band avian radar, LRAD systems automatically detect and deter birds entering runway control zones by broadcasting a wide variety of intense, directional sounds and predator calls to safely steer birds out of the path of aircraft during takeoffs and landings when they are most vulnerable to bird strikes.

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