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Eagle Edge LITE

Designed with the airport operator’s perspective in mind, the EagleEdge LITE can make LITE work of keeping your lights and signs clean and visible during winter operations.


  • Keep your airfield operating
  • Reduce immediate operating costs of cleaning lights by hand
  • Minimize costs of repairing infield ruts


  • One person operation
  • No windrows in infield to blow or ‘wing’ back
  • Clean runway edge lights and signs in a matter of seconds
  • Reduces and/or eliminates hand cleaning
  • Tracked unit can drive on the infield reducing the rutting associated with wheeled units
  • Raised cutting edge reduces damage to in-ground obstacles such as pull pits and catch basins
  • Exceptional visibility during cleaning of lights/signs
  • The compact tracked loader can be used as a fully functional runway edge and infield snowblower, or be outfitted with dozens of common attachments equipment and/or wiring
  • Quick connect hydraulics and mounting
  • Optional forward looking video camera to help see during cleaning operations
  • Always maintains a LITE footprint on soft turf or snow throughout the four seasons
Eagle Edge LITE
Eagle Edge LITE

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EagleEdge LITE

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