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Introducing the amazing FOD*BOSS Sweeper, a revolutionary Rapid Response Airport Sweeper that controls object damage on any smooth surface thereby providing a low cost solution to FOD control.

The FOD*BOSS is so easy to use that one person can tow it with any motorized vehicle. With it’s unique sweeping motion, everything in it’s path is securely entrapped for proper disposal. And with virtually no breakable parts, this maintenance-free device collects dangerous debris quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

Add a can catcher for larger debris situations. Options of duplexing and triplexing are available for wider coverage with multiple choices in trailer and hitch requirements.

Big or small, you can now achieve the same high standards of FOD control as those implemented at major airports and military bases worldwide.

FOD*BOSS Aerosweep
FOD*BOSS Aerosweep
FOD BOSS Aerosweep demo
FOD BOSS Aerosweep cutaway

FOD Boss Duplex

Using the Duplex Adapter, you can team two FOD*BOSS units to cover a huge 4.8m(16ft) in every sweeping pass.

FOD Boss Triplex

With the Triplex Trailer system, an unprecedented sweep width of up to 7.3m(24ft) can be achieved. Now you can sweep 300,000 sq metres (3 million sq ft) per hour. The triplex system can also be modified to sweep singled or double FOD*BOSS units and packs down into a compact storage unit/transport trailer.

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