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The ARFF community continues to embrace new technologies to support more effective and safe operations. Although the Drivers Enhanced Vision System (DEVS) concept has been around for a number of years, EagleEye™ is rapidly becoming a standard option for ARFF vehicles across North America due to its ability to support navigation, to provide access to on board information storage and to allow communications across virtually any platform.

The EagleEye™ DEVS consists of several important components including a GPS based moving map display, designed to give ARFF responders instant awareness of where they are on the airfield and where they want to go, picture in picture ‘link’ to the FLIR (forward looking infra-red camera), electronic access to critical documents such as aircraft schematics and MSDS sheets, and “networked communications” to allow several vehicles to communicate between a “Command” center and each other without having to use valuable radio channels.

“We are seeing a strong increase in the number of requests we are getting for EagleEye™ DEVS” says Edna Barnum, Team Eagle Ltd.’s Marketing and Sales Coordinator. “To date, we have installed over 20 EagleEye™ systems in ARFF vehicles/departments across North America, and the coming year looks even more exciting for this product. The industry OEM’s have really helped us by embracing this product, and we are very appreciative of their support”.

Recent installations of the EagleEye™ DEVS include Little Rock Arkansas, Traverse City Michigan, Eagle County Colorado, Sierra Blanca New Mexico, Vancouver International airport, and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.

“We have great expectations that the EagleEye™ DEVS will improve our ability to effectively navigate and respond to airfield incidents” says Tim Doll, Director of Operations at Little Rock National Airport. “We plan to also add this system to new ARFF trucks we are acquiring in 2007. Once we are comfortable with how this benefits the ARFF group, there may be ways we can use this technology for other areas of our airfield operations, such as tracking contractor vehicles and inspections”.

Upcoming EagleEye™ installations include Montreal/Dorval, Winnipeg International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, MBS International in Michigan, and Silver City/Grant County New Mexico.

For more information on the EagleEye™ Drivers Enhanced Vision System, please contact Eagle Integrated Solutions Inc. toll free at 1-866-241-3264 and or visit their website at

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