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Demand for higher health & safety standards at airports met with new UV-C LED Light Solution for the decontamination of multi-user airfield equipment vehicles.

August 13, 2020

(Campbellford, ON) – Team Eagle Ltd., a leading provider of airfield equipment, specialized safety devices and sensors and airfield inspection software, is pleased to announce the launch of an Ultraviolet – C LED light designed specifically to help airfield crews decontaminate infectious viruses from surfaces and the air in shared fleets of equipment vehicles.

Due to the evolving situation of COVID-19, airport operators are faced with the critical need to not only ensure the health, safety and confidence of the traveling public, but also ensure a safe working environment for all staff. Understanding these new obstacles, and specifically the challenges related to safe airfield operation management, Team Eagle has designed CleanRide UV-C, a medical grade LED sterilization system to help meet this critical need.

“With access to a body of scientific research into the effectiveness of UV-C LED lights, there are many proven benefits to its use for not only disinfecting surfaces, but it can also ensure the decontamination of air, critical in small shared spaces. UV-C light has been used for many years in the treatment of drinking water and decontaminating of ambulances and hospital rooms” said Sam McKeown, Operations Manager at Team Eagle Ltd. “It can be used to decontaminate many areas such as vehicles and equipment due to the shortwave-length; the most effective option for vehicles, as it is 100% blocked by normal glass” he added.

Durable and user friendly, CleanRide UV-C is a vehicle mounted unit that simply plugs into a standard power outlet in the vehicle or on the wall. Easy to set up and extremely versatile, it is safe as no heat is produced by the LED lights and Team Eagle has designed ample warning and safety features to ensure no operators need to be inside the vehicle during its operation.

CleanRide UV-C is initially available as a limited release and will be made available for purchase online through the website – Alternatively, airports can contact a Team Eagle representative directly.

Media Contact Information:

Ben McKeown
Commercial Business Manager

Team Eagle has been committed to enhancing the safety and operational efficiency in the aviation industry for over 45 years. Engaged in the design, research and development and after-market service for airfield equipment, smart devices, sensors and professional software applications, the team continues to innovate airfield solutions to meet the demands of the smart airport of the future.

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