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The ARFF team at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has embraced technology to support enhanced emergency response for the airport and surrounding area. By adding the EagleEye™ Drivers Enhanced Vision System to its recently purchased Rosenbauer ARFF and Ferrara First Response vehicles, emergency responders have an increased advantage in navigation during poor weather conditions.

The EagleEye™ DEVS system combines an in-cab, GPS based moving map display with an Infrared Thermal Imager, as well as audio prompts, to give rescue crews the information they need to safely and more quickly navigate to the site of an incident, in low and no visibility conditions.

“Response time is critical for ARFF” says Chief John Horton. “We believe it is important to equip our fire-fighters with the best chance to be successful. So we anticipate this system will aid us when the conditions for quick response are the most challenging.”

For more information on Cincinnati’s advanced ARFF strategy, please contact Chief John Horton at (859) 767-3111.

For more information on the EagleEye™ Drivers Enhanced Vision System, please contact Eagle Integrated Solutions at (866) 241-3264 or visit their website at

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