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Late in 2005, Eagle Integrated Solutions successfully completed an installation of its first ATIMS™ system at Calgary International Airport. ATIMS™ is an Asset Tracking and Incursion Management System, and is yet another addition to Eagle’s SmartAirport™ suite of software solutions.

The system installed at Calgary is currently configured in 10 vehicles and communicates across the airfield using two (2) antenna base stations, GPS and 900mhz wireless data communications. Total area coverage approximates 6 kilometres wide by 4 kilometres long, enabling airport staff and management to see virtually all corners of the airfield property.

ATIMS™ provides the Calgary Airport Authority to monitor airfield vehicle activity both in real time and playback mode. The system also enables automated incursion management through audible alerts for any ‘breach’ of customized system rules such as an ATIMS™ equipped vehicle entering a geo-fenced ‘out of bounds’ designated zone.

Calgary Airport management were so thrilled with the system results that they are now contemplating ‘Phase II’ additions to the system, planned to be unveiled later in 2006.

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