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Team Eagle, Ltd., in partnership with Zodiac Arresting Systems, a division of Zodiac Aerospace, announced today the official launch of the AIROps™ Express electronic Airfield EMAS (Engineered Material Arresting System) inspection application.

The EMAS inspection application is aimed at providing airport EMAS owners/operators with a tool to enhance their airfield operations. More specifically, the tool provides a streamlined and uniform approach of inspecting, tracking, and maintaining the valuable aviation safety asset. Within the application, users can perform digital-based inspections, record observations of the EMAS bed at the block level, monitor and track repair efforts, and close items that have been resolved, all from their tablet or smartphone. Further capabilites allow the airports and Zodiac Arresting Systems to generate a series of reports and better predict future performance and maintenance needs based on the capability to assess and review past inspection data within the application.

Zodiac Arresting Systems will continue to work closely with its customers to ensure the bed(s) will perform as predicted and best practices are applied to the on-going care of the beds.

The AIROps™ Express EMAS inspection module can be used as a stand-alone application or can be combined with other arifield modules available thorugh Team Eagle’s mobile airfield inspection platform such as Part 139, Bird & Wildlife Management and Airfield Electrical Inspections.

On the release and collaborative efforts between Zodiac Arresting Systems and Team Eagle, Paul Cudmore, General Manager of Team Eagle, said “We are very excited to have this opportunity to work on this product with Zodiac Arresting Systems. We feel the partnership is a great fit for both organizations. Zodiac Arresting Systems, the global leader of EMAS bed installations, entrusted us with designing and developing the application knowing that we have years of experience at building and implementing airfield inspection software solutions. Zodiac Arresting Systems understands the requirements of their customers and together we translated these requirements into software functionality. We look forward to many airports adopting this technology as an integral tool to help in their everyday operations.”

“Mobile airfield inspection platforms, such as Team Eagle’s AIROps™ Express, are the future of airfield maintenance and inspection programs. Situational awareness, rapid access to data, and knowledge sharing are critical to ensuring smooth operations and safety while complying with regulatory requirements. The creation of an EMAS inspection module is a natural addition as EMAS is a key component in airfield safety that must be inspected and maintained along with other airfield equipment. Team Eagle is a great partner in the development of this tool given their expertise in creating software applications specifically for airports.” said Andrea Manning, Regional Director for Zodiac Arresting Systems.

For more information about the EMAS Inspection application and its functionality, please visit

About Zodiac Arresting Systems, a division of Zodiac Aerospace

Zodiac Arresting Systems, a subsidiary of Zodiac Aerospace, is widely recognized as the world’s leading authority on energy absorption and is the leading manufacturer of military and commercial aircraft arresting systems. The company has developed products for the controlled deceleration of aircraft, including the Space Shuttle and Concorde, for over 70 years. For more information, please visit –

About Team Eagle Ltd.

As a world leading provider of equipment and software for airfield management and maintenance, Team Eagle offers solutions to aviation’s biggest challenges including Excursions, Incursions, FOD, Bird and Wildlife Management, Snow and Ice Control, Safe Surfaces and Situational Awareness. For more information, please visit – or call 1-866-241-3264.


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