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Aeroports de Montreal invests in RFID Technology to streamline their Snowdump Operation

The management team at ADM is responsible for handling a lot of snow during a given winter in Montreal and they do it very well. ADM has won several international awards for their efforts in this area and attributes its success to its people and its investment in the proper tools and technology. “We have to stay on top and continue to improve in areas that we can” says Sylvain Marchand, Section Head, Airfield Maintenance. “It’s very important to have the right resources focused at the right time during a snow event. The airport must remain safe and operational”.

With many dozens of vehicles in operation during a snow event, things can get complicated. The ADM snow dump is a very good example. “We have many, many contractor trucks going in and out of our snow dump area for hours at a time” Marchand states. “In the past, we’ve typically had a staff person counting the size and number of trucks going in and out, so we can reconcile with our contractors when the time comes. ”

ADM made the decision in 2009 to improve the counting process in the snow dump area, and contracted Eagle Integrated Solutions (a division of Team Eagle Ltd)
to help.

Dale Hoard, Project Manager for Eagle describes the solution:

“Active RFID tags are placed in the trucks traveling to the snow dump area. As the vehicle exits the snow dump, the tag is read by the RFID reader and this time stamped data is sent wirelessly to a central server. Each tag has a unique serial number and is associated with a truck description and carrying capacity.”

With the data safely inside the ADM IT infrastructure, Manager’s like Marchand can quickly and easily see current activity as well as reconcile the data over a desired time period. “We can simply ask the system to run a report of activity on a daily, monthly and even on an event basis without having an ADM staff member out in the cold counting trucks. Plus we anticipate this will give us more accurate data as it it running all the time” says Marchand.

“ADM is a very innovative customer” states Hoard “It was great working with them!”

Team Eagle Ltd. is a global leader in the advancement of snow and ice control equipment, airfield software solutions and municipal products.

For more information on Team Eagle, please contact Paul Cudmore, Chief Operating Officer, at 866-241-3264 or [email protected]

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